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Elysian Fields, New Orleans                                CONCEPT - Varying Degrees of Citrus

The former funeral parlor had been taken over by a non-profit, arts center, and as they expanded towards the back of the lot, the owner wanted to update the front too. Color was used to tie the different styles together. Strong colors on classic facades are not uncommon as in the patisserie in Paris shown above center, but this is a relatively small surface area so by stepping down the intensity on the three separate forms in the rear of the building, the strong colors don't overwhelm.

To bring the strong colors around to the front, a series of quick color sketches over black and white photographs work out the relationships below. 

To maintain the classic forms and style while creating a more welcome entrance, a balance of the light lime color, cream, tan and cocoa were used. 


Elysian Fields-3.jpg
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