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BYBLOS / ZAYA restaurant                            Kennesaw State, Georgia

The renovation in a food court hinged on a heavy design concept. Byblos, the oldest village on the planet, was for centuries at the cross roads of civilization. Located on the Mediterranean in current - day Lebanon, it was once inhabited by the Phoenicians who invented the alphabet as well as 'paper' from the papyrus plant. To honor this history, three sets of custom mosaic tiles of the Lebanese cypress tree (symbol of the country) line one wall and stylized papyrus encaustic tiles on the floor and up the opposite wall lead the customers from "order to cashier". Reclaimed wood from a nearby barn, recycled glass composite counters, and a dark blue on the back wall highlights a lone rear window for natural light. Retaining the existing light fixtures, equipment and layout, it took 4 weeks to gut, re-build, and open the make - to - order gyro stand. 


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