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Barge Board - when goods were transported down the Mississippi in the 18th and 19th century, they were floated down on barges of local hard wood strapped together. Not being able to float up river after delivery, the barges were abandoned and the wood was used to build houses. Fast forward and the wood is reclaimed and up-cycled to make a 10' x 40" table for an old cardboard box factory - turned - loft.  Phillipe Starck Masters Chairs. 

Sinker Cypress  - old cypress logs remain preserved under water for however long they stay there. Recovery is tricky but the wood polishes up to a silky finish as seen in the floating nightstands and bookshelves (with welded brass clips and posts). 

Pecky Cypress  - cypress planks with large gaps that need to be filled make up a vanity and nightstands.

Walnut Butcher Block was ordered to size so that only two cuts would need to be made. Mitered edges were rabbited together so the joinery cannot be seen. 

Cotton Velvet chaise with velvet piping / matching Silk Satin Pillow - the pink is the client's favorite color.

Antique Teak chair recovered in blue silk shantung.

Victorian Rosewood sofa recovered in pale yellow and khaki damask. 

Abaca (Banana) Fiber sofa with Linen cushions

Organic Linen, Cotton Velvet, and Silk Satin pillows; Jute rug

Organic Silk Satin, Fur, Organic Cotton pillows

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