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Morgan's                                  Franklin Street                      The Marigny                          New Orleans 

A double shotgun that blended into the rest of the block, the owner wanted it to have it's own personality beyond beige and cream and pale green. Being a colorist herself as a hair stylist in the film industry, she has exquisite taste but is used to small, non permanent applications of color. She knew the feel and direction and hired Studio Patina to guide her there.


The renderings above are just five of over thirty five variations and four rounds of trials.

Inspiration included camellias and volcanic eruptions, art deco interiors and windows and the cross - section of a geode. Nature will always give you a scheme to start with - hues, chroma, values are balanced. Making that leap to the application on a 1890's craftsman with classic Eastlake Stick millwork is resulted in touches of bright orange on the pendules and dark / cool grey shutters. In the end, after beaucoup patches and double-checking how the sun reflected in the morning and evening, a final palette and scheme were selected. 

morgan 2.jpg


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