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pa·ti·na   noun   \pə-ˈtē-nə, ˈpa-tə-nə\

                          a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use



StudioPatina is an award winning service owned and operated by Elizabeth Simpson whose varied work has included merchandising high fashion suiting lines in New York and Italy, training associates at Habitat for Humanity to use the WA state Evergreen Sustainability Standards, remodels aiming towards net zero energy consumption, and finish and paint analysis for an early nineteenth century house. Having done the work herself on three historic remodels, she can not only swing a hammer but understands the intricacies of reconstruction. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, an associate degree in Interior Design, and a Master of Preservation Studies, and a Teacher's Certificate for Higher Learning from Harvard University. 


client list

Calvin Klein / Christian Dior / Valentino / Giorgio Armani / Ralph Lauren / Joseph Abboud / Bloomingdales / Saks Fifth Avenue

Barney’s New York / Amajin Architects / Larry Craig Architecture / Round Table Club / StudioWTA / Private Residential



GQ / Vogue / Esquire / New York Times / Seattle Homes and Lifestyle / Journal of the Louisiana Landmarks Society

Contract Magazine -

Creole World blog



Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation, Louisiana Landmarks Society, Conner Residence, 2018

Excellence Award, Best Practices category, National Alliance of Preservation Commissions for critiques and contributions for the re-write of the 2015 Vieux Carré Commission guidelines (2016)

Louisiana Design Merit Award, American Institute of Architects, Marigny Residence (2016)

Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation, Louisiana Landmarks Society including St Anna’s Asylum, Emerald Street, Urania Street, and The Convent (2016)


LEEDap, BD&C (2006)

Certified Sustainable Building Adviser (2007)

History & Architectural History, SOI Professional Qualifications Standards, 36 CFR 61

Guest lecturer and invited critic for Preservation Studio class, Tulane School of Architecture 


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