Having researched projects in Italy, England, and France as well as cataloguing the style and form of over five hundred buildings in New Orleans for the Historic Building Recovery Grant Program following Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, Elizabeth has a solid perspective of architectural history and knowledge of resources. This allows her to offer services that include traditional research such as chain of title to date the building, locate original plans, building contracts, or renderings as well as utilizing digital sources extending research to national and international archives if a broader context is needed.

Projects have included both residential and commercial structures focusing on historic construction techniques, form, and style to guide design direction, ownership and usage history, paint and finish analysis for informed decisions when rebuilding with like materials.

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A church from 1853 by Henry Howard, a 3 story school, camelback shotgun convent and a rectory comprise the current renovation of 3 masonry and 1 wood framed building into a hotel complex. Contributions included site line and roof precedent studies to comply with NPS standards, analysis of all general building conditions and specific condition assessments of over 400 windows and doors.